Dr Mark Buddha

Leading UK dental expert, Dr Mark Buddha started his cosmetic career graduating from Bristol University in dentistry. After working in general anaesthetic practices delivering general anaesthetics and sedation services he became interested in orthodontics and dental implantology. He has provided over 9000 courses of braces in specialist orthodontic practices and went on to supervise dentists wanting more experience in orthodontics. He has carried out many complex surgical procedures in implantology including cyst removals, bone grafts as well as implant placements.

Dr Buddha has also found a passion for non-surgical aesthetics and went on to train extensively in this field, training in Harley Street, USA, Korea and Italy. He has extensive experience in non-surgical mid face rejuvenation using some of the latest technologies.

This year Dr Buddha is looking to boost his specialist profile, as the “Picasso of facial aesthetics” due to his specialist knowledge in both the oral and maxillofacial and expand his services further with the support and direction of The CAN Group.

Dr Buddha will be available for TV, press and endorsement opportunities. Please contact fleur@thecangroup.co.uk for any enquiries.