John Caudwell

The Can Group are delighted to announce we are representing business leader, philanthropist and founder of Phones 4 U, John Caudwell.

As a highly successful businessman, John remains active in the business world with strong views on politics and its impact on business, but his main passion and focus is on his philanthropic work.

John, who has a net worth of $2.4 Billion, is also signatory to the ‘Giving Pledge’. He has committed through the pledge to give over half his wealth to charitable causes during and after his lifetime.

His mission is to transform disabled childrens’ lives and raise awareness of illnesses that receive minimal support and funding. John is passionate about boosting the profile of illnesses that currently have no voice.

Through his charities, Caudwell Children and Caudwell Lyme Co, and through his own direct efforts and actions, John is dedicated to improving the lives of those living particularly with Autism, Pans Pandas and Lyme Disease. 

If you are interested in working with John, please contact:
Claire Powell: / John Potter – or call: 01403 865232.