Former painter and decorator Joe Moruzzi, founder of Pleesecakes, launched the company in early 2017, driven by passion, hard work and a need to disrupt an industry. Pleesecakes has seen massive growth on social media with some eye catching and mouth-watering designs of a revolutionary take on cheesecakes! “I was always passionate about the food sector, coupled with utilising social media, collaborating with various celebrities and a lot of hard work, I’ve hugely enjoyed growing Pleesecakes with an amazing team around me. We aim to be disruptive, innovative and as far outside the box as we can!

The future for Pleesecakes looks diverse and exciting and we not only want to create trailblazing products but explore social media & media expansion through TV, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok working with interesting people and conceiving engaging content to connect and inspire the current and next generations!” From decorating houses to decorating cakes! Joe is available for TVs, public speaking, collaborations and social.

If you are interested in working with Pleesecakes, please contact: Claire Powell: or call: 01403 865232.